Church History

Where it all started …

Before Stoney Fork Baptist Church was organized, it began as Open Bible Mission. Church services were held in the unpainted block basement. The bathroom was an outhouse used by both men and women. Nestled under the shadow of Mount Pisgah on Black Oak Cove Road in Candler, North Carolina, a group of less than 20 mountain people formed Stoney Fork Baptist Church. The property on which the church is located was donated by Terry O'Kelley Warren (widow), Ora O'Kelley Sharp and husband Ralph L. Sharp.

On November 3, 1963, the church was organized. Reverend Kirstein from New Morgan Hill Baptist Church moderated the organizational meeting. Present were council members (pastors) from Mount Pisgah Baptist, Glady Baptist and New Morgan Hill Baptist Churches.

Until September 1966, the churchgoers had to walk outside to classrooms in the basement but at a business meeting then it was suggested that stairs be made before winter.

On September 10, 1970, it was voted to look for a steeple and bell for the church.

And on June 1, 1967, the church voted to get plumbing into the church. A well was drilled July 9, 1973. In August, a septic tank was purchased and the church had an indoor bathroom.

At a meeting on May 4, 1974, Brother Lester Reece felt led to do some teaching from the Baptist Manual and said we should never allow teaching from any other Bible than the King James Version. This was voted 100%.

In August 1976, the church had a special meeting to set up a fund to brick the church. Bricking of the church started in early 1978. In 1984, the church was able to buy new benches and other church furniture. In 1987, the church bought a new furnace. And in January 1991, the church met and voted to build a fellowship hall. The men of the church would do the work.

In 1990, Reverend Bennie Wade was elected pastor. He was instrumental in the building programs.

October 1995, the church received word that Daniel Stowe was donating 1.70 acres of land that adjoined the church's property; the deed was signed and recorded on October 11, 1998.

At an October 1998, business meeting it was motioned and seconded to build two bathrooms and a sound room at the front of the church.

On April 21. 2002, it was voted to have a telephone installed in the church. In September 2003, John Frye spearheaded a drive to furnish a telephone and minutes for Troop 21 stationed in Iraq. Asheville Citizen Times published an article about this entitled, "Small Church With A Big Heart."

January 4, 2004, the men met and decided to start a building program which would add 36' to the church and would install a baptistery. This was voted 100%. Jason Dean was asked to supervise the work. The men worked on Saturdays and the ladies cooked meals for them. A lot of volunteers from the community and from out of town helped with the project. This addition provided nearly double seating, new classrooms and a nursery. A new air-conditioner was installed in the fellowship hall also.

April 6, 2006, the church elected Jeff Massey as pastor. He had a burden for the church; his first priority was for the saving of souls and for a spirit filled church. The church has grown tremendously under his leadership.

Pastor Massey spearheaded the remodeling of our fellowship hall. A 10 ft. addition was added and the kitchen was moved and new appliances, tables and chairs were purchased. New tables and chairs were also bought for the Sunday School rooms.

An alarm system was installed in January, 2009, due to a break- in and other break-ins in the area.

In August 2009, land was cleared and a new storage building was erected. In 2011, the church was able to pave both parking lots and build steps with rails leading to the lower parking lot.

In the Spring of 2011 the concrete area and steps in front of the church were repaired and replaced as needed. Brick steps were made for easy access to the parking lot from the front of the church.

In July 2013, the Church replaced the old block steps to the lower parking lot from the front of the Church with new concrete steps.

God has blessed beyond our expectations and hopes. Our missionary count is twenty now and with each addition, the Lord blesses us. Our prayer is to stay in His will until He calls us home.

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